World Cup Russia 2018

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World Cup Russia 2018. This not only is the 21st edition of the world cup, but there are 32 nations participating. There will be a total of 64 matches; so there will be a lot of football we are able to enjoy this summer.


This is an exciting time for Russia seeing as it’s the first time they have hosted the World Cup.  It’s not just a first for Russia. It’s a first for Eastern Europe all together. Seeing as it’s the first time its being held in Eastern Europe. If you recall that Russia won the headquarters to the countries of Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland and England for the realization of the world.


So all the football lovers out there will be able to enjoy watching as much football as they want; but why stop there don’t just enjoy watching it, when you can enjoy playing it.


Here is a list of  the cities, as well as stadiums where the 2018 world cup games will take place:


1. Ekaterinburg

Located at the foot of the Ural Mountains. In this stadium the Mexican team will play against Sweden their third group match.

Stadium: Central


2. Kaliningrad

Port city on the Baltic coasts

Stadium: Baltika Arena


3. Kazan

City with more than 28 universities

Stadium: Kazan Arena


4. Moscow

Here at the Luzhniki Stadium is where the 2018 World Cup Russia will begin and end. This will be the first match with the Mexican national team against Germany.

In addition, the Otkrytie Arena will also have football matches.


5. Nizhny Novgorod

City located on a hill from which the Volga River can be seen

Stadium: Nizhny Novgorod



Here the Mexican team will play the second group match against Korea.

Stadium: Levberdon Arena


7. Samara

City where is the Russian Aerospace Center

Stadium: Samara


8. St. Petersburg

This City is the center of the arts, home of the Hermitage Museum

Stadium: Zenit Arena


9. Saransk

This city host folk festivals to preserve the culture of the ethnic groups that live there

Stadium: Yubileyniy


10. Sochi

This city is a popular tourist destination where several sports are practiced

Stadium: Olympic Fisht


11. Volgograd

In this city there are important industries of oil refineries, metallurgical and shipbuilding

Stadium: Central


We hope everyone enjoys the 2018 World Cup and seeing all the countries coming together and playing. If you have a guess as to who will take the cup home please share with us. We’d love to hear who you think will win. With so many great teams playing it’s hard to choose.


ENJOY the games, and stay tuned for more to come!!

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